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Savvy Girl Spotlight: How Ruby Tilghman started a nonprofit and wrote a book by the age of 16

Episode Summary

I'm excited to kick off the Savvy Girl Spotlight Series with Ruby Tilghman! Ruby is a writer and musician dedicated to inspiring other teenagers and young children by making fine arts accessible in schools. At age 12, she founded a nonprofit organization called Many Mini Musicians, which aims to fund fine arts in public schools and create opportunities for students to experience the arts.

Episode Notes

Through Many Mini Musicians, she has had the opportunity to advocate and host fundraising concerts that feature young performers. Ruby has written a children's book called Ruby’s Recital. She hopes that this book will inspire children to find something they are passionate about, and bring awareness to the importance of fine arts education. 

In this podcast episode, we get an inside look at how Ruby has been successful at such a young age.

Major Timestamps

2:10 - How a 12-year-old Ruby began her non-profit organization

3:10 - Why Ruby had created ManyMiniMusicians

4:38 - Ruby's most recent big win

5:30 - How Ruby's challenges became her leverage

7:16 - What Ruby would have done differently

8:15 - What outcomes Ruby never expected from her experiences

9:40 - An example of growth Ruby has learned from

11:22 - Ruby's book "Ruby's Recital"

13:15 - Advice for those who are sitting on their ideas/dreams

14:32 - Ruby's sources of inspiration

16:24 - Ruby's sites and handles

Major Quotes

13:06 - "You are 42% more likely to accomplish the things you write down."

13:28 - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


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