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Leila Sabet on the importance of lifting women up, challenging workplace bias and being a role model

Episode Summary

In honor of women’s history month, Allison spotlights Leila Sabet, founder of Lift and Be Uplifted and an advocate for women gaining seats of influence in non-traditional women careers.

Episode Notes

Leila was selected by audience vote as the cover story for the most recent issue of Savvy Girl Magazine which featured the Top 25 Under 25. She’s a PHENOMENAL young woman who’s worked her way up at Amazon, created initiatives to support women in the workplace, and is involved in multiple female empowerment organizations. 

In this episode, Allison and Leila talk about the importance of mentorship, challenging ourselves to pave the way for others to be successful, and navigating challenging situations.

Memorable moments:

5:17: I believe in diversity of thought and the critical need for inclusive leadership. I want to see more women in positions to make decisions, controlling resources, shaping policies, and perspectives and Lift, and Be Uplifted follows the idea that a gender-balanced world and workplace benefits everyone.

9:52: Not every girl has a relatable role model that they can identify with in their lives. It's hard to be her if you can't see her. 

11:46: Not giving up and quitting was winning. 

12:39: Go for it, try it out. Don't give up and take yourself out of the game so early, because you're going to impress and really shock yourself. 

14:54: I'm not sure we really understand the true meaning of authenticity and what it means to be authentic. It's no matter how uncomfortable it is or how much self-doubt you hold onto you, how you show up fully as the real, you, all of you, no matter what others may say or think about you, that is authenticity.

15:13: I always tell women when I speak to them that sometimes the one thing that makes you different is the one thing that sets you apart.

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As an advocate for women gaining seats of influence in non-traditional women careers, Leila Sabet has made her mark in the workplace by stepping up to serve as a leader women need most. Her upbringing in a dual-cultural household was key to her mission being rooted in equality with the larger narrative on diversity. Understanding that unconscious bias is built into our culture, Leila has made a point to hold the door open for young women who come after her through her initiative, Lift & Be Uplifted: Increasing Women’s Influence in the Professional World. She is on the Board of Directors for Girls Inc, shares involvement in the Girl Up Campaign, and many University-based leadership organizations, as well as serving as a champion for UN initiatives that support women and girls globally. Leila specializes in helping ambitious young women build a self-empowerment mindset and close the “confidence gap” by leveraging her behavioral psychology education and leadership experience. 

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