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How Leslie Kuster Scaled Her E-Commerce Brand to 7 Figures

Episode Summary

Leslie Kuster is a multiple seven-figure e-commerce brand owner whose business Back From Bali offers women bohemian chic clothing ethically made in Bali. In today’s episode, she discusses how the success of Back from Bali affords Leslie the life of her dreams, and why she is passionate about igniting and inspiring other women entrepreneurs to rise while they create the financial and personal freedom they crave.

Episode Notes

Leslie Kuster’s well-earned knowledge is born from experience. In her mid 50’s, she was able to ricochet her Back from Bali clothing business from 5 figures to multiple millions. She is now helping other women entrepreneurs of all ages realize their dreams and grow their businesses.

Leslie empowers women to live their true freedom by teaching them how to create a business that aligns with their deeper core values enabling women to work in a way that brings ease and flow into their daily lives so they can live truly fulfilled.

You can expect Leslie’s new book, Money and Freedom: 7 Keys To 7-Figures For Women Entrepreneurs in 2022!

In this episode, we discuss:

Memorable moments:

12:26 - What I've learned is if you have an interest in it if there's like a desire for that, there's a reason why that desire is sitting in your body.

15:09: I noticed that spending time going to spiritual retreats, spending time on downtime was actually not hindering my business whatsoever. And in fact, it was during these last 10 years that my business has grown so much.

18:20: It's so important that we really understand that it's really in our own hands and we are not victims of circumstances 

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