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How BioEnergetic Business Coach Aleya Harris Helps Others Unlock Their Potential

Episode Summary

Aleya Harris believes all business owners should make good money doing what they love. She helps clients fast track their growth through intuition, data-based systems, and business savvy. She helps people create balance in their business and life to be able to enjoy the journey to success by looking at problems from a holistic perspective.

Episode Notes

As a podcast host, it's always fun when a guest has an awesome message and cool personality, which is exactly what I experienced in this interview with BioEnergetic Business Coach and Marketing Maven, Aleya Harris!

In this episode, we cover:

➡️ How to show up as your authentic self and prevent burnout

➡️  Why we need to realize that your personal health = your professional health

➡️  How to understand when you are heading towards burnout and what to do about it

➡️  How to relate emotional and professional struggles to unlock your potential

Aleya spreads actionable “ah-ha” moments as a professional speaker and podcast guest to help audiences leave an enduring, positive legacy. I’m so excited to be sharing some of her wisdom with you all today.

Memorable Moments:

[00:03:56.17] If your vision is not clear in your own life it's not going to translate into your business. Create a company, not a job. Create a life and a business that you love. If you're exhausted, take a nap, because naps are powerful. There's often some energy alignment that needs to happen, some emotional excavation and replenishment that needs to happen as well before you can truly get back to that vibrancy that you need to drive the vision of a company.

[00:06:27.07] Realize that you need to be vulnerable.  You need to realize when you’re not okay. Do some excavation and replenishment.  Give your unconscious voice a voice!  There are also forgiveness exercises that you can do…Light a candle…Forgiveness is a journey, not a destination. Keep that forgiveness process going until you feel complete. Remind yourself of who you are. Go back and read your client testimonials! Remember your journey and where you are now versus where you were before. Look what you've been through. You're still the strongest version of yourself that you have ever been, which means that more strength is on the horizon.  

[00:13:41.13] If you feel maligned, if you feel like people are out to get you, if you feel like no one's thankful for you and you've slipped into a victim mentality, you're on your way to burn out, or you're already there. Get yourself a ‘WOOP’ plan…Wish, Objective, Obstacles, Plan. And always have an OUT in your contracts!

 [00:20:13.19] Keep on track, adjust your crown, and keep on ruling. Have a goal and a ‘why’ that actually matters to you. You are 1000% worthy of every single dream you ever want to accomplish or attain. Once you anchor that within yourself, your ‘why’ becomes your way, and there's no other way to accomplish your goals.

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Aleya, a strategist, educator, and an award-winning marketer has over a decade of experience. Together with her team at Flourish Marketing, she helps develop highly-converting email, social media, and website copy, empowering education and BioEnergetic Business Coaching solutions, and profit-driving marketing strategies to help empire-builders turn their talent into treasure. Aleya, being type A and an Enneagram 3 understands that burnout can sometimes be right around the corner for a lot of go-getters. She helps people create balance in their business and life to be able to enjoy the journey to success by looking at problems from a holistic perspective. With her NES Health Practitioner and StoryBrand Guide Certifications, she helps improve the wellness of her clients’ mindset, energy fields, and business strategy.